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FEB 10 - Valentines Day Sweet Treat & Art
                         This Saturday from 9am to 12pm at Art Gecko Studio.
                                                         Art & Sweet treats.  
                         Coco, Please! Artisan Chocolates and Fleur de lys will have their                                   amazing sweet and gourmet treats for sell in our studio during the                               Micro Market at the O'Fallon Station.  So come on in and purchase                               some sweet treats for your love or yourself this Valentines Day.
                         Free Mimosa's and Coffee for participants.  Must be 21 and over.
                         Cost:  Art project and box of 9 artisan chocolates $55
                                   Art project and 4 macarons $45
                                   Art project and both chocolates and macarons $65
                                                 Register on the RSVP Calendar.

Book NOW for 2024 Birthday Parties and Group events.                 
We have already started booking for 2024, so if you know the date, then contact us at: or via this website and we can your party on the books.  If you are wanting a birthday party here are the things we will need to know:

1. Name of the birthday person?
2. What is the date? and Time?
3. Age of the birthday person?
4. Theme?
5. Goody bags?
6. Invitations?
7. Favorite two colors of the birthday person?
8. Cookies or Cupcakes? OR Both?
9. How many in attendance?       

For group events, IE: Ladies nights, here is what we will know:

1. What date? and Time?
2. What type of event are you wanting?
3. Do you want it catered?
4. What type of project would you like to do?
5. How many in attendance?

Studio address

102 S. Vine Street

O'Fallon, IL. 62269

Mailing address

203 E. 1st Street

O'Fallon, IL. 62269

Tel: 618-206-6222

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Hours of  Operation:

Sunday: Closed

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 12 to 5:30

Wednesday: 12 to 5:30

Thursday: 12 to 6:30

Friday: 10 to 5:30

Saturday: Are used for          events/parties

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