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Drawing Class

We are offering Beginner to Advance drawing 

classes.  Learn the basics and work your way up

to basic figure drawing.

Thursdays - 6pm -7:30pm (1.5hrs.)

Watercolor Class - Adults.

Tuesday – 2:30pm – 4:00pm (1.5hrs)

Experience required

Thursday - 1pm – 2:30pm (1.5hrs)

Experience required

Wednesday - 6:00pm - 7:30pm (1.5hrs)


Friday 1:30pm - 3pm (1.5hrs)


Elementary Art Class - ages 6 to 9.

Wednesday - 4pm - 5:30pm (1,5hrs)

Friday - 4pm – 5:30pm (1.5hrs)

Preschool Art Class - ages 3 to 5.

Thursday - 4pm - 4:45pm (1hr)

Junior Art Class - ages 10 to 14.

Thursdays - 5pm - 6:30pm (1.5hrs)

Anime Art Class ages 9 to 14.

Tuesdays – 5pm – 6:30pm (1.5hrs)

** All art classes are not consecutive eight sessions, but eight times the student walks into the studio. Life and family schedules change and we get that.

** Our six session courses ARE consecutive


*** For preschool art classes we ask that parents do a drop off.  When parents stay it causes a distraction for the child and instructor.  The kids also don't pay attention to instructions.  We hope you understand.  Thank you.


Drawing Classes:

$230 -  Six sessions. Intermediate to

Advance (Ages: 18 and up). Space limited

All materials are included. 

$260 -  Six sessions. Beginner

(Ages: 18 and up) Space limited

All materials are included.


$260 - Six sessions.

(Ages: 9 to 14) Space limited.


Watercolor Class

$280 - Eight class session for beginning. 

$200 - Eight sessions. For returning to watercolor 

Junior Art Cost:

$38 single / $290 - eight sessions

Elementary Art Cost:

$35 single / $260 - eight sessions

Preschool Art Cost:

$30 single / $240 - eight sessions.

Anime Art Cost:

$230 - eight sessions.

(Ages: 9 to 14)

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